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    Default worst help forum

    Hi im new to BT4 and linux so i decided to join this page in a attemp to learn as much as possible, but after reading some of the posts on this page i was more annoyed than anything. The seinor members on this page are no real help all i see from them is "go figure it out on your own" most are very rude and reply with childish comments. I dont know who owns this page but somone should tell him or her that about 75% of the advanced users on here are children.
    If your new to linux like me start wih a good book and dont be afraid to break things cause its bound to happen but dont look on this page you wont find any real help. Anything i just could'nt figure out on my own i would google (computer tecs seceret wepon) and when i did find useful info it definatly did not come from this page.
    There now that you guys have read this mabey you will start helping people, but i dout it. booo to this waist of web space.

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    You are correct that many people here expect others to search before making a post. We also don't really care for people who are new coming into our community and bad-mouthing it.
    On the subject of searching, it's a good skill to have. Further you are right, no one is going to get help on this page. Because this page is just your post and mine.
    Now if you mean the forums well I will be happy to let you know that you are wrong and many people get help. Those who help themselves, those that provide relevant information in regards to a particular problem. Then there are those that may just be getting their feet wet, how have found lot's of information here.
    Further this forum is not here to really teach you to be a l33t hax0r or penetration tester, or even a skript kiddie.
    So since you don't like this waste (not waist) of web space, I will now show you the door, you can come back in a month and try again. Maybe then your attitude will have changed.
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    Really sorry you feel that way. I personally disagree. The fact is that backtrack is not for Linux beginners. We assume people that *need* backtrack for a legitimate purpose have at least a intermediate knowledge of networking and Linux. We are here to help people with security and penetration testing topics and problems with getting backtrack running on specific hardware.

    Instead of complaining and whining maybe you should stick around and help new people the way you feel like they should be helped.

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