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Thread: is there an alternative to stompy (session id analysis) for backtrack 4

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    Default is there an alternative to stompy (session id analysis) for backtrack 4

    hey guys, with backtrack 3 there was this neat tool called stompy which would analyse the randomness of web site session Ids. I noticed this tool is gone from bt4. Is there another tool which does that same thing? I know nessus has a plugin to do something similar but could not find one for openvas. Though I've been told the nessus plugin claims the session IDs on some sites are predictable even though stompy claims there is plenty of randomness.

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    Default Re: is there an alternative to stompy (session id analysis) for backtrack 4

    If you're talking about web site session IDs in the form of cookies, URL parameters or hidden form fields, then both Burp Suite and WebScarab can do this sort of analysis.
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