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Thread: How do I "reset" the Backtrack Desktop configuration

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    Unhappy How do I "reset" the Backtrack Desktop configuration


    I'm a long time Backtrack user, but the basics of linux still seem to escape me now and then .

    I've uninstalled/reinstalled BT4 several times to hard disks, flash drives, etc, and every time I do it, one of the first things I do is move the Desktop path to /root/Desktop (rather than the default of /root). I do this through the GUI and never have any problems (hitting "Cancel" instead of "Move").

    Last night I was in a hurry building up an image for myself and set up all of my tools (including pro-feed of Nessus) before changing the Desktop path. So, of course I attempt to do this and hit enter (selecting "Move") without thinking. Now the Desktop is back to KDE, and all the BT4 tools are under "Lost & Found".

    I am completely lost on how to revert this, and I don't want to do a full reinstall as that will involve resetting the Nessus key (which I don't have access to do), etc.

    Anyone have any ideas? And yes, I did the google searching, forum searching etc, but all I came up with is tutorials on HOW to move the Desktop path, not how to correct a mistake .


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    Default Re: How do I "reset" the Backtrack Desktop configuration

    Hi There,
    The first solution coming in mind is to manipulate your desktop configuration via dragon command (I think), I don't know if it's supported in BT4. If not search in the forum how to upgrade BT4 to BT4-R1 (apt-get update && apt-get install backtrack-dragon then dragon, and try to reinitialize the whole thing from there, like choosing fluxbox).
    Anyway, I m sure that there is another easier and obvious solution (in the forum).

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    Default Re: How do I "reset" the Backtrack Desktop configuration


    You are not alone with this one. I got a similar issue with BT4 R1 and now R2, running in persistent on my eee701-SSD.
    And i just solved it...minut ago.

    First, when i changed the default Desktop directory in Settings --> System Administration --> Paths from /root/ to new created /root/Desktop ,kde asked me if i want to move all data from /root/ to /root/Desktop.
    Whatever you replied to (Move or Cancel) it just move all data, and not just from /root it moves whole / .
    So, now i got it all on my Destop (/ ,/bin, /etc, /lib, /media ...)

    I don't know if it is kde problem or with persistent run,
    but solution is to edit /root/.config/user-dirs.dirs

    XDG_DESKTOP_DIR[$e]="root/Desktop" # "root/Desktop" is dir we put in Paths program, before any edit it was "$HOME/"

    [$e] is something that kde added after first using of Paths program. And seems to me it cause a problem.

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