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Thread: Nessus and BT2.0Final

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    Default Nessus and BT2.0Final

    To start this off, I have done a search and read the other posts about installing Nessus to BT, but I'm getting a weird error.

    I'll download the RPM for Nessus and run rpm2tgz to get the tarball. When I go to install it though, either via the tar command or installpkg, It will extract everything except the /opt/nessus/sbin directory which includes the nessusd, and makecert programs.

    I've tried downloading both Nessus 3.05, and 3.1.3, for multiple versions of Redhat and Fedora thinking it might just be a version issue but the same thing keeps happening.

    Full list of commands, (not counting creating links to all the libssh, et al, files).

    <download file to /tmp>
    rpt2tgz <filename>
    installpkg <filename.tgz>
    gunzip <filename.tgz>
    cd /
    tar -xf /tmp/<filename.tar>

    As I said, either way I keep ending up with a /opt/nessus directory which has everything it is supposed to except for the /opt/nessus/sbin directory.

    Any clues what I'm doing wrong? Thanks.

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    BTW, also forgot to mention, but it's to a new hardrive install of BT2.0Final

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