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Thread: NMap - Devices Connected to an AP

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    Default NMap - Devices Connected to an AP

    Hiya folks. Hope everyone has had a good Sunday.

    So I have been "playing around" with the Aircrack suite for a few months now on an ad-hoc basis, testing it against my router at home altering the settings etc and I seem to have cracked it now (literally). My ultimate aim is to try and self-teach myself a little on penetration testing and so I want to move on to the next step now.

    On my home network at home, I have a PS3, a desktop computer and a laptop. Similarly, I have a further laptop that I am using to run BT4 on it. What I am hoping to do now is to move onto exploring what devices are on a wireless network (AP) and I believe that NMap is the tool for this.

    Now, in order to run NMap, can I authenticate through Aircrack (Airplay) to the AP or do I have to connect to the AP through another means?

    Thanks in advance for your time folks

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    Default Re: NMap - Devices Connected to an AP

    Well now if you are not connected to the network how in the world are you gonna access resources on the network?
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