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Thread: Airodump can't find wireless networks

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    Default Airodump can't find wireless networks

    Some of the time when I search it finds some but the majority of the time it doesn't. I am using Backtrack 3 in VMware (would like to install on other hard drive just don't have a clue how) and using Belkin 54g wireless usb dongle. Any ideas on how to fis it?

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    Default Re: Airodump can't find wireless networks

    Is your device in monitor mode?

    airmon-ng start <dev>
    What chipset/drivers does it use?

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    Default Re: Airodump can't find wireless networks

    Check the HCL for BT3 drivers. Also just use the BT3 or BT4 Final live CD/DVD. So you don't have to install it. It runs from CD/DVD/Flash Drive/Hard drive. Also as MassAppeal stated. Make sure monitor mode is enabled. Also it channel hops pretty quickly so you may either be out of range or on the wrong channel when the low traffic AP is sending stuff? Or beacons may be disabled and no clients connected to find the AP's SSID.

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