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Thread: ...:::sLiPpErY's Rogue AP Creator Script:::...

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    Default Re: ...:::sLiPpErY's Rogue AP Creator Script:::...

    Run the script, create a RogueAP and it will keep asking you if you want to sniff or attack, as well as pop up the 3 xterms with DHCP, etc..over and over again. It never gets to the Ettercap section. However, the AP was created correctly, my client was able to attach and browse the web no problem.

    I then modified the script by calling sniffmenu (instead of the function 'sniff' which doesn't exist) and it at least progressed to the next stage and ettercap started. I had my client re-attach to the AP, and get an IP address. However once it was attached, I lost internet connectivity, but could still ping both sides of my gateway ( and

    When checking the running processes, I noticed that urlsnarf, ettercap, driftnet, etc.. were all monitoring the $IFACE (eth0 in my case) interface. I would think that you would run them at0 as you indicate above.

    I gave up at that point, but will try again if you do an update.

    Good stuff, thanks for the work in pulling this together.

    -- Tom

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    Default Re: ...:::sLiPpErY's Rogue AP Creator Script:::...

    hmm.... Let me look... are you using the most up-to-date one? I found alot of mistakes after editing, I left some old words in the script, should be good now. atleast the menu part, I"ll look into the other problems now.

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    Default Re: ...:::sLiPpErY's Rogue AP Creator Script:::...

    The blog you were looking for was not found. LOL another bad link

    This is a good script. I started correcting some stuff myself but if you have an update, that would be great.
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    The link has been taken down, check the 1st post... PM me if you want it, or if you want to work on it with me.

    edit: I have fixed a few things from other people comments and bugs, also just general errors on my part. I need to print it off so I can look at it all at once, it's very long, I'm going to add more functions of code so I can shorten it up, alot of redundant code in there.

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