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Thread: bluetooth scanner -- bluejay

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    Default bluetooth scanner -- bluejay

    Hey guys,

    I decided to write a bluetooth scanner as I was not so happy with the options or output
    the other scanners gave.

    It has been given a lot of thought and after checking a lot .. kudos to those that wrote btscanner... fantastic job.
    I just didnt like the way it made logs (in directories).
    tbear has issues and sometimes fails, along with not correctly stating which interface is being used.
    Although actually I think tbear looks the best
    ghettotooth is functional, but basic in output options.

    So I would like to ask all who can to check out bluejay, please be lenient,
    this is my first attempt at this...

    A video showing what it basically does ;

    bluejay v0.4

    Now there is a lot of improving to do, and the code does need tidying up, however
    I would appreciate your (kind and thoughtful ) comments on the way it works.

    I am hoping to be able to get the logging part better organized, as of now it is alright
    but would like more possibilities.
    (the logging is the main reason I started this and still not sorted :|)

    I would like to be able to better specify what to log, and what not to log..
    The eyes of the Masters out there greatly appreciated in any wisdom they can provide

    The actual code is too long for me to post directly here, so hope the below DL link OK.

    The code;

    Your opinions highly valued !
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