Recently it has come to my attention that there is a awful lot of illegal activity going on via Private Message. I would just like to let the community know that this will not be tolerated at all. Not only will I not allow discussion of illegal activity on the public forum, I will also not allow it via PM. I have been silently banning people for this type of behavior. Your private messages are not "private". As we run the forum, we reserve the right to read/open whatever we want. The idea that some of these script kiddies think they are smarter than a team of security professionals is almost comical. So consider this your one and only warning. If you get banned from this forum and you email me saying it was unfair, I would make sure you haven't been private messaging illegal behavior type stuff. There are plenty of h4x0r and Warez forums on the net where you can go talk about whatever weird or illegal crap you want to.

I would also like to add that some forum members have been doing a great job of replying to these messages and letting the people know that illegal is unacceptable. I know who these people are and they have not gone unnoticed.

I will be attacking this problem extremely aggressively in the next few weeks so beware.