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Thread: using .pl scripts in metasploit

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    Default using .pl scripts in metasploit

    How do u use .pl scripts in metaploit? all i can get to work is .pm scripts but alot of exploits are writen save saved in perl but are saved as .pl. Can some one help me.... I'm thinking that i use .pl scripts un conjuction with an script in metasploit. i thanks peeps

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    Generally, files ending in .pl are the actual perl script. Files ending in .pm are perl modules--like libraries of subroutines and pre-made code snippits made to serve a specific purpose and to be incorporated in your program (Crypt::Blowfish is blowfish encryption, Tk is for making GUIs, and etc.) But remember, in Unix-like OS's the file extension is not critical like in Windows. You could write yourself a program in perl and give it no extension at all, or write a module and give it your initials as an extension, or what ever you want.

    As for using perl scripts in metasploit, I've only ever looked at metasploit, never actually used it. If I remember right, once you tell the framework to do the exploit, it should execute the perl script for you. Maybe thats not totally right, but I think that is how it is. Otherwise, to execute a perl script outside of metasploit, remember to concatinate the 'perl' before the name if the file (unless you 'chmod +x', then use ./

    Sorry if I didn't answer your question, hopefully it helps.

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