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Thread: Need help with "startx"

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    Cool Need help with "startx"

    I boot BT4 Final version from a hard-disk, and it says the value is set at -1 instead of 0. And it also cannot find Server X. The OS won't boot past the command line. What should I do? Any masters of the arts able to help?

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    Default Re: Need help with "startx"

    And it also cannot find Server X. The OS won't boot past the command line.
    I don`t understand this part.

    The backtrack does not start the GUI automatically.
    When the error appears? Checked the md5?
    More details please!

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    Default Re: Need help with "startx"

    login, startx, yay.
    "The difference between RAID1 and RAID0 is that the zero stands for how many files you're gonna have after a harddisk failure."

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