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Thread: HOW DO I Ping / Pentest wireless clients ?

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    Default HOW DO I Ping / Pentest wireless clients ?

    Hi guys, i have BT.4.R1 installed. and am having trubble pinging / Pentesting wireless clients or even connecting to them at all, however i can access the internet via the same connection.

    i have tryed the following to resolve my problem, with no success

    dhclient wlan0


    route add -net 192.168.0/24 gw wlan0


    netdiscover -i wlan0 === Does show wireless clients

    ....... but still nothing .. wtf ? i dont understand why.

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    Default Re: HOW DO I Ping / Pentest wireless clients ?

    What is the architecture of the network you are on? Does it allow ICMP? How are you attempting to connect to the other computers on your network? Is this your network? Gonna need some more details before anyone can help you.

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    Default Re: HOW DO I Ping / Pentest wireless clients ?

    Time to do some reading on basic networking, including troubleshooting connection problems.
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