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Thread: possible VMWare integration on BT

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    Default possible VMWare integration on BT


    as I understand, VMware is not part of BT2, but many users try to install it afterwards. I was once using a Linux LiveCD called CoolLinux with a preinstalled VMware. After starting VMWare you had to enter your license-key and - if required - some networkcard-parameters. Maybe something could be realized with BT2 as well :-)

    Could VMware be "installed" if the PC is booted from the CD-ROM (BT2 is not installed on the hd)?

    Thank's a lot for any feedback!


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    Default vmware on backtrack

    hi john,

    i cannot post ( The following errors occurred when this message was submitted:

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    but i have the same problem with vmware, (and maybe help) btw maybe my post was to long ;-)


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