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Thread: Problem Decrypt WEP

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    Cool Problem Decrypt WEP

    Hello, Good already sorry if my English is not good but I use google translation.
    So I wanted to explain my problem, I use backtrack and I find
    but what is the key in hexadecimal form (Here it is:
    B2: 25:9 E: A6: 51:33:13:4 F: 44: AD: 90:1 E: 86) but the concern is when I converted
    ASCII to get 13 "End of Medium" and 1E "record separator" So what
    is not possible for a wep key. Please help me.

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    Default Re: Problem Decrypt WEP

    That doesn't make any sense. I will give you a chance to clarify.

    Use simpler sentences or post in a forum in your native language.
    Capitalisation is important. It's the difference between "Helping your brother Jack off a horse" and "Helping your brother jack off a horse".

    The Forum Rules, Forum FAQ and the BackTrack Wiki... learn them, love them, live them.

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