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Thread: wirelss works in virtualbox under linux not windows

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    Default wirelss works in virtualbox under linux not windows

    I am using the same vm image of bt4 r1 in the same version of virtual box under both fedora and windows 7. All functionality works with my usb alfa awus050nh adapter running it under linux (internet browsing, connecting, scanning and mon.) None of this works under the windows 7 instance though. I can load it, put the device up and put it in mon. mode but after that nothing. It doesn't capture any packets and doesn't pick up any networks when scanning..under wicd or iw. I am running virtualbox under admin. Is windows interfering with this functionality somehow?
    Any suggestions appreciated. thanks in advance

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    Default Re: wirelss works in virtualbox under linux not windows

    It sounds like this is either a VirtualBox or a Windows issue, and this is neither a VirtualBox or Windows forum.
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