Hi, I just bought this card GSKY GS-30USB - chipset RTL8187L, and I have been reading that it works out of the box (but correct me if I'm wrong), in Backtrack 4.
I can surf the internet, and even use it with Window$ xp and 7, and so far no cons.

When I try to inject (in Backtrack 4) it freezes aircrack-ng randomly (I mean that sometimes it just injects like 4 or 5 minutes, and sometimes like 15 seconds), sometimes I can get my own WEP key, but sometimes I can't because it freezes, I have been trying to look for info but I think I just ran out of clues, since I can't find a related issue like mine.

Is this a driver issue, or may be that the hardware itself may have got damaged in the shipping? Or sth else?

Any advice would be really appreciated.