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Thread: not sure if im allowed to ask about this

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    Default not sure if im allowed to ask about this

    like i stated in the title im not sure if im allowed to ask about this, if im not just let me know and i will delete this and not pursue it any further.

    im looking for scripts of trojans and worms i dont want full working ones just enough of the scripts to get an idea of how they work and of how they are written. i have done research on these and have found that trojans are commonly used for backdooring allowing remote access and that worms can spread on their own without human interaction cause minor to serious harm. just want to find ways to prevent these and see how they are made. i cant stress enough that im not looking for full working scripts just sections that relate to their sub routines and triggers. i will understand if any of you feel uneasy about this as i constantly see people trying to get information to be malicious. any help would be appreciated

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    Default Re: not sure if im allowed to ask about this

    This has nothing to do with backtrack so i am closing the thread.

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