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Thread: os x fingerprinting

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    Default os x fingerprinting


    Can someone tell me the best tools for an os and os version if the target has a mac? nmap comes back with nothing..

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    Default Re: os x fingerprinting

    Of what use the best tools in the hands of a child 10 years of age? :P

    Google is friend.

    Read the man pages, they reveal a lot!

    (gdb) disass m(y_br)ain


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    Default Re: os x fingerprinting

    I would have to agree. Please review some documentation.
    There are plenty of guides here and on the internet, as well as documentation within BT.
    To be successful here you should read all of the following.
    If you are new to Back|Track
    Back|Track Wiki
    Failure to do so will probably get your threads deleted or worse.

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