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    I'm sure this has been answer and i really apologize for posting, but i've searched threads and threads over this. I have not had this problem on any of my machines except this one. This laptop is a HP pavilion dv5000us. From all i've learned and found out it's running a ati radeon xpress 200m video card. I got it installed on hard disk and used fix-splash800 to try to fix xwindows but it didn't help. I even used a ati driver install to fix it but when i install the new ati catalyst it says i don't have a ati card. But it windows XP it works fine as a driver. Normal boot is fine, but when i startX stuff is so big i can't click on anything. I'm gonna try an older ati driver but nothing so far has worked. Any help appreciated.

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    The 200M is pretty much doomed when it comes to linux use the opensource driver it works on my erhmm amilo li1718 that has even got lighting fried and has no acpi for linux heh
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