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Thread: USB dictionary

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    Angry USB dictionary

    So i have backtrack 4 final on a dvd and my dictionary on a usb.. under i:/tmp/word/1 (ofcourse this is windows directory)

    how ever i cant figure out how to write alll the packets to the usb or to use the dictionary from the usb... ive tryed
    aircrack-ng -w dev/sdb/tmp/word/1.txt -b 00:00:00:00:00:00: /tmp/wpa2*.cap

    no the .cap isnt under dev i have no idea were its saving that i cant get it to save under the usb either any help would be greatly appriciated!!! ive spent hours looking this up and im so frustraited with it i acualy have a migrane..

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    Default Re: USB dictionary

    You probably need to spend some time reading the New to Linux sticky thread in the Beginners section, because this is Linux file mangement stuff tripping you up. You may also want to check out the FAQ forum - theres an entry there that I wrote thats relevant.
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