Sorry for my english

I found a solution to get working AWUS036NH (2watts) without installing drivers/patchs.
Tested on 2 computers: desktop and laptop, on laptop the display it slow but its works on desktop its work perfectly. (Artsd uses to much CPU, dont know why, but if I terminate it the card will not works... I tried to terminate it AFTER airodump comand the display become correct and the card still works)

1) Get the last BT4 R1 ISO version
2) Create virtual machine in VMWARE with this ISO (Tested on 7.0.1-227600)
3) After You have starded monitor mode use monX (not wlanX) because it will not works (using wlanX works on old BT but not with BT4 R1)

Tested injection/wep cracking averything works fine

On my laptop I have a new VMWARE so maybe is the raison of slow display I dont know, on my desktop I have 7.0.1-227600.

I have also tested the BT4 R1 VMWARE version and its not works, tested ISO with cd/usb boot, not works.

But, ISO mounted in vmware works, dont know why.