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Thread: Power management

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    Default Power management

    Can anyone suggest a solution for power management in Bactrack 4 R1...?

    I run in on my laptop that has a very very lousy battery life (cca 30min). Is there any chance I could somehow lower resource usage so that I get a little more time?


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    in general, stay the hell out of X and stick to the command-line. That, all by itself, will save you a ton of time. Also, no playing/streaming of media (that's not what you got BT for in the first place, right?).

    There are power-management tools available that might be able to help you, but i think there is a more fundamental issue here. BT is designed for pen-tests, vulnerability assessments, etc. and I have yet to be able to accomplish any of those in half an hour... (trust me, if I could I would). So, it seems that you may be wagging the wrong dog here, neh?
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    Default Re: Power management

    last time i checked there was a battery gauge on the toolbar, right click it and set it to conservative, and turn the CPU down as well, also turn down the screens brightness
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    Default Re: Power management

    kpowersave in terminal

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    Default Re: Power management

    Get a better battery, and or laptop.
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