Ok I am wondering are there better ways to audit WEP than Aireplay, aircrack, and airodump? I mean these do the trick but on first attempt I noticed that traffic almost HAD to happening or it wasn't collecting enough #DATA.

Is it possible to audit a WEP network without traffic? and if so what would I use? Also for kicks and giggles I added MAC filtering to my network and noticed by current means I wasn't getting in, even though it was just WEP encyption. Is that always the case? Or are there ways around that?

**thinking aloud** I guess if I did a scan in airmon and pulled a mac from say my print server (already in my router) I might be able to get in, if I cloned it's mac. ...hmm or is my thinking WAY off? and by cloning a mac like this and just injecting will this still allow me to audit my network?