Hello everybody.

I have a issue finding the wireless network interface on a fresh bt4-r1 install.

Here are all the information I can provide:

Laptop model: Asus EeePC 1000H
WLAN Card: Ralink 2860
-- Driverversion
-- Driverdate 28/03/2008
VMWare Workstation 7.0.0
Backtrack Version: bt4-r1-vm.tar.bz2 (VMWare image)
Host system: Windows XP SP3 Home Edition

- WLAN is working in XP

What I tried:
I started wicd (Konsole -> Internet -> Wicd)
There it said 'No wireless networks found'.
eth0 is working.
In preferences is no name for the wireless interface set!
As it is a ralink card I tried 'ifup ra0' but this is unknown.
Furthermore 'ifup wlan0' leads to 'No such device'.

Now I am just wondering if there is maybe a problem in VMware that it doesn't share the wlan from xp to bt4?
I did not change any settings in VMware, nor Bt4.

Thank you for ideas, help and suggestions!
- onycro