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Thread: BT 4 final-no live dvd boot

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    Default BT 4 final-no live dvd boot

    Okay, I have searched all over, even in lnux and unetbootin forums and can't find this...unless it's my video. I'm running a dell inspiron 7000 400 MHZ, 120 G HDD, 128 RAM, mostly stock stuff except the HDD. HDD parted to 2 25 G's and 2 35 G's. win xp installed on part 2 (D...

    I've tried Unetbootin for a "frugal install to get BT on my C: drive, it keeps going straight into win xp. Can't figure why on that, I'm in Boot Land forum to figure that one out.

    On this machine there is no USB boot option, but the dvd will boot win 98, xp, and vista, but not the BT 4 live dvd. I have worked and looked for a week now and am getting nowhere. I know it has to be something simple I am missing...cuss me, bad talk me, whatever, but please help me.

    Oh, I'm also in the dell community to see if there may be a problem with the bios and booting linux or dvd's. Any help would be really appreciated, thanks. (please be gentile, I have esteem issues.

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    Default Re: BT 4 final-no live dvd boot

    We really do not care about your self esteem or lack thereof. Thats why it's called self esteem.
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