First thread, excuse my noobness....

I have been running Backtrack 4 R1 on my Asus U43JC-X1 for quite a while now and I am beginning to get sick of not having the option for optimal resolution. Every time i attempt to install a driver (U43JC has Core i5 Graphics along side an Nvidia 310m) xorg gives me a "no screens found" error. Hence the only way I can use Backtract GUI is after the "fixvesa" command leaving my resolution at a not so pretty 1024x768

What drivers do i need?

I installed Ubuntu 10.10 beta on the same laptop and found that it was at the correct resolution. It was using the nouveau driver for the Nvidia card and the i915 driver for the Intel chip. Problem is, I cant seem to install either of these drivers on Backtrack.