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Thread: bluesmash update system - slapt-get

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    Default bluesmash update system - slapt-get


    I'm aware that you guys didn't create bluesmash and therefor most likely can't really do much with this info, but hell, maybe you can

    In bluesmash there is an option to update the suite, however it uses slapt-get which is unknown to the current backtrack not being slack anymore.
    Ofcourse this can be easily fixed with a %s/slapt-get/apt-get/g, but maybe you want to change this on the iso.

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    Default Re: bluesmash update system - slapt-get

    We prefer it if people either A, contact the author(s) to fix their tools or B, a patch is submitted to fix the issue. You can do so here on the forums, in this thread.
    If you need help feel free to send me a PM.

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