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    I'm working on a WPA TKIP connection and I need to find a wordlist. I looked around on the forums and found a link but the torrent has been disabled so I can't get it. Does anybody know where I can get a wordlist for aircrack?

    EDIT: "The only vulnerability so far is a dictionnary attack, which fails if the passphrase is robust enough."
    I'm not sure if a wordlist is the same as a dictionnary but I'm looking for a dictionnary that I can use with aircrack to attempt to crack a TKIP encryptionl. Sorry if I was unclear to begin with.

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    I have a 6.51 MB word list that I put together from several different free packs from some website.

    Am I allowed to post it?
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    Please learn to search.
    Look on aircrack-ng site...
    there alot of dictionnary file
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