BT4-r1 does not yet have support for the Intel "Pineview" platform (Atom N450 with GMA 3150 integrated graphics), and as such those of us with this and newer Intel integrated graphics platforms are forced to use VESA at 800x600 resolution. (waste of an already very limited netbook desktop space).

To complicate the situation, there is a known issue with some of the latest Intel integrated graphics platforms where the video hardware BIOS does not report all supported resolutions. *** No amount of modifications to the xorg.conf file ALONE will change this fact! ***

There are several unresolved disparate posts around here that allude to these issues. The goal for this thread is to provide you with the resources necessary to achieve/enable 1024x600 resolution in X using VESA until BT4 is able to meet the necessary package dependencies required (X-org 1.8) to upgrade to the latest version (2.12) of the xserver-xorg-video-intel driver required for full hardware acceleration support of the latest Intel integrated graphics platforms.

(Intel Linux Graphics: 2010Q2)

I'm not going to write a complete tutorial as the links I've provided below do a great job on their own. Also g00gle is your friend!

There is a legacy tool, 915resolution, that provides the ability to do a non-persistent/once per boot modification to the Intel Video BIOS to enable support for unlisted resolutions. See below for supporting links:

(915resolution: Intel Video BIOS Hack)
(Intel Linux Graphics: Hardware Matrix)

You can't use apt-get because there is a package conflict between 915resolution and the currently installed xserver-xorg-video-intel driver. Plus the package is an older version that does not have support for the latest intel platforms. You'll need to compile the patched version's source which you can download from the 5th post from the following thread:

(Puppy Linux Discussion Forum :: View topic - 915resolution patched)

Next all you have to do is put in your hooks at boot, so that you don't have to manually run 915resolution each time you reboot. I'm not going to get into all this here, but if you skip down in the following link where they talk about hooking in 915resolution you can pick it up there. You should't need to `apt-get install v86d` as it's already included in Backtrack, and you can actually comment out the parts about loading up the uvesafb module as backtrack uses KMS by default (i915 module) on boot. The following resources are not BackTrack specific; however, the framebuffer hook "FBHack for Eee PC" works beautifully for getting 915resolution run each time you boot:

(DebianEeePC/HowTo/SplashyWithDmcryptAndStandardGrub - Debian Wiki)

A very basic xorg.conf should be all you need if you get 915resolution to add your native resolution. I was only able to get the console to ever boot in 800x600-24 as the fbhack never actually occured before KMS created the framebuffer (and using uvesafb, 1024x600-24 would always be off sync); however, you will be able to get into X in 1024x600-24 using VESA . Make sure you start with the basic xorg.conf (`dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg`) and then add a Display SubSection starting with 16-bit and your desired resolutions and work your way up:

(KMS - ArchWiki)
(Uvesafb - ArchWiki)