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Thread: Backtrack 4, quiet mode???

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    Default Backtrack 4, quiet mode???

    my laptop boots only in quiet mode, when I press e on grub loader and select "quiet" tab to boot, I have 3 boot kernels: windows 7, hp recovery, and backtrack4
    how can I set backtrack to start in quiet mode permanently??
    and what Is quiet mode?

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    Default Re: Backtrack 4, quiet mode???

    a 'quiet' boot will not show you the scrolling data as each module is loaded, devices are enumerated, networks are discovered, etc. that you would normally see on a linux boot.

    as to the options that you can pass to your loader during boot, research editing your grub startup options and take it from there. you could, for instance, research some of your options here:

    careful though, you break it; you've bought it.
    good luck with that.

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