I need to build my own hash table to brute force a WPA router that has a unique ssid. A few questions if you guys don't mind:

(1) I'm running genpmk on my quad core using Win7 since I was hoping it would be faster then my laptop w/ backtrack. But in task manager I notice genpmk will only use 25% CPU max (like it's limited to 1 core). Any way to get it to use all 4 cores? If I boot into backtrack on this machine would it use all 4 cores? Anyway to get my GPU in on the action too?

(2) Is there a faster way to do this other then using cowpatty/genpmk? My wordlist is 18 million entries (200MB), is that a bit overkill as opposed to using a smaller one and john the ripper? Any general tips are appreciated, I'm new at this.