Just got another adapter in: the Netgear WG111v2. Found it on eBay, new, for a mere 18 euro's (well 15 GBP actually)

And to the contrary what is said here you don't need to look at the serials to determine the version: it is printed very clearly on the side of the adapter.

But the list is right: a very well supported RTL8187L, which I found so far only on the popular (but expensive) Alfa AWUS036H. Granted, no great reception either (no external antenna), but for that price, you should get one anyway..... arp-replay, fragmentation, chop-chop, .... it all worked right away, and fast.

I found that the device runs quite hot though. Hotter then it's chipset-brother Alfa.

(now if only I could change the title of my post to 10 )