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Thread: kismet no signal information is available

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    Default kismet no signal information is available

    I just upgraded from BT 2.0 Nov 19 2006 beta to BT 2.0 Final and now kismet cannot retrieve any signal information from my Senao 2511 prism 2.5 card.

    It worked in the beta.

    I did notice that when I start kismet now it wants to use the orinoco drivers for my prism chipset and I think this is wrong.

    How do I change it so kismet will work properly with my Senao card?

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    take your card out
    use command:
    rmmod orinoco_cs
    rmmod orinoco
    rmmod hermes
    modprobe hostap_cs
    put it back in. This fix is around the forum all over the place, thought you would of noticed.

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    i had the same issues with a rt2500 usb chipset and atheros

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