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    Default inittab help

    Hello everyone,
    i'm hoping someone could help me with a small issue. I changed the initab to startup @ run level 4, instead of the default 3. I obviously assumed that in the GUI interface I will be asked for the username and password, but I was wrong, on the next startp it just logged into the root user automatically without me typing in anything....... I was wondering if someone could tell me how to boot @ level 4 but with the computer asking me for the proper authentication.

    P.S : whats up wid the lilo boot timer, if I set it to 100 then it waits for 5sec and if I set it for 200 then it waits for 20sec......again

    Thanx in advance to whoever helps me.


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    This has been covered in the past. Check this link: A forum search of autologin may bring up other threads about this.

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    telinit 3 or something init 3 used to work for me on other distros, even Ctrl Alt F2 for 3
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