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Thread: Source code of r8187 driver

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    Question Source code of r8187 driver


    I am curious if there's any anonymous access to backtrack's svn server.

    I recently bought a card with rtl8187L chipset and I'd like to use it on my regular linux system. However the upstream rtl8187 driver has a lot of issues right now. What's worse the old "r8187" driver doesn't work with 2.6.34 kernel, can't find any patches that would allow it to. Aircrack-ng team, too, still doesn't have patches for 6.34 - at least they aren't listed in their dl's.

    I've seen that you upgraded bt4 to 2.6.34 and rolled out r8187 driver for it too. I would be delighted if you could provide me with source of this driver.

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    Default Re: Source code of r8187 driver

    I'm not the best person to help you with wi-fi! I think this link can help you!

    [SOLVED] RTL8187 working perfectly in Karma 9.10 - Ubuntu Forums

    Take a researched here in the forum that has several comments on this driver.
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    Default Re: Source code of r8187 driver

    Thanks, but I already seen that. It doesn't work here. R8187 module compiles fine with various patches but it simply doesn't work - can't associate, sometimes even hangs the kernel (sic!). I need solution for kernel >=2.6.34.

    But reconsidering - I will need to do some testing - it seems that the only thing wrong with upstream rtl8187 module is broken rate control. If this is the only tradeoff - I can live with it. However if this driver has more issues that prevent me from utilizing capabilities of my card to full extent... I don't know how to test it since I don't have any baseline to compare to. This is my only 500mW dual-antenna card.

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