Over the past week and a half, I have installed Win 7 and BT4F approximately 17 times. Somewhere along the line, I end up with GRUB errors: 12, 13, 17 etc. Is there a way to install this whole mess without having to write GRUB to the MBR? Here's my system setup and an example of what I would like to accomplish (if feasible).

First disk: 120G drive - first channel of one controller
Second disk: 400G drive first channel of second controller

I would like to have Win 7 on the 120G drive and BT4F on the 400G... Booting from some bootmanager on a CD... Hoping to not have to mess with the MBR and screw around with GRUB... Given all the posts I've been reading about GRUB and it's errors, it seems to be a problem child. When it gets along with others, its a model citizen... but given the chance, it becomes psychotic...