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Thread: no networks after using wicd

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    Question no networks after using wicd

    Please, please help!!

    I'm using backtrack 4 installed in the hard drive of a laptop

    The wireless was working fine, I even cracked a few networks... but after using wicd for trying to connect to the networks, my wireless card stops detecting the networks... i've run the commands recommended to get the wicd gui to work.. and when I try to conect the gui display "No network detected"

    So I close and even kill the wicd, and now airodump-ing doesn't detect any wireless neither!!

    I even restart my laptop and the problem persist... of course i check if the wicd daemon starts automatically but it doesn't...

    summarizing: wicd breaks my wireless

    The only solution that i found so my wireless detect the networks again is to reinstall backtrack

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    Default Re: no networks after using wicd

    Try checking if your interface is up.
    Have you tried to manually connect ?
    Also you could try this:
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    Default Re: no networks after using wicd

    Did you start networking before trying to use Wicd?

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