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Thread: BT4 RC2 iso won't boot from DVD

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    Default BT4 RC2 iso won't boot from DVD

    Hi guys,

    I've downloaded the RC2 and burned the ISO to disk, but it will not boot off of the DVD. Even when I try and mount it, I can't find any programs with which I can run something (no install files as far as I can see).

    I checked the md5sum and it was correct. Can someone tell me what files are actually suppose to be in the ISO, or how I can get it to boot from the DVD?

    Right now I'm using Ubuntu 10.10, but it also was not working on my Windows 7 laptop. And since the md5 was perfect, I don't want to download the 2 GB file again unless absolutely necessary.


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    Default Re: BT4 RC2 iso won't boot from DVD

    If you burned the ISO with Windows 7 that has WinZip installed, it might have literally burned the ISO as a file. Windows 7 has the "burn ISO" as a default choice when you right click the ISO, but I have noticed that when WinZip is installed it steals the file association for ".iso" which causes Windows 7 to burn ISO as regular files after the association is taken. On my Windows 7 VM, I had to re-associate ISO files with Window 7 Burner to fix the issue.

    I would imagine that if any program steals the ".iso" file assoiation then the result would be the same.

    I think if the MD5 is correct, re-downloading would not make any difference.

    Im just grasping at straws since you said you cannot boot and you also cannot see the files that should have been installed to the DVD.

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    Default Re: BT4 RC2 iso won't boot from DVD

    Did you set your BIOS to boot from DVD-drive first?

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    Default Re: BT4 RC2 iso won't boot from DVD

    Did you burn the ISO file as data so that the whole file just exists as data on the disc...and not written as an image to the DVD?

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    Default Re: BT4 RC2 iso won't boot from DVD

    Boy, do I feel like such a tool...

    I was positive that my boot sequence was CD first, as I have booted off of CD's before (like when I wiped Windows 7 and installed Ubuntu 10.10). I don't know how it got changed, but sure enough, it did.

    Sorry for wasting everyone's time, but thanks for the quick responses. DVD is now booting up, and I get to attempt the installation of a dual-boot (my first attempt... ).

    And I realize my issue; when I simply mounted the ISO, I thought I could run "" to start the installation process (I read in some tutorial somewhere). What I didn't realize is that that file isn't on the ISO, but on the desktop of the Live CD once it's unpacked. I thought my file might be missing files was why it wasn't working.

    Thanks again.

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