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Thread: Wireless NIC drivers from BT4 in other distros

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    Default Wireless NIC drivers from BT4 in other distros

    This is a bit of a newbie question... I have BT4 running on my laptop successfully. As I am venturing more into the Linux side of the world, I am looking to add Ubuntu to my desktop. After installing the latest release of Ubuntu 10.04, I discovered that it doesn't support the wireless card (Broadcrap 4318) that is in the desktop. I can boot the Live CD for BT4 on the desktop and it works like a champ.

    What are the possibilities of using the BT4 Broadcom drivers with standard Ubuntu and how would I go about doing so?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    sorry... its a broadcom 4318 not 4312... While BT4 Final works great with it.. BT4R1 doesn't, nor does Ubuntu 10.04, the current Mint Debian nor Mint Gnome...

    What I would like to do, is use my BT4Final disk and extract the necessary driver files and use those on a ubuntu 10.04 install... can this be done?
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    Default Re: Wireless NIC drivers from BT4 in other distros

    Although I haven't confirmed this manually, the Wireless Drivers section of the Home Page from this very site says the broadcom hybrid drivers are included with BackTrack, and I believe this refers to the Broadcom STA drivers.

    Edit: To answer your specific question, no probably not, drivers are usually either compiled into the kernel itself (in which case they can only be moved with the entire kernel itself, which might break stuff if moved) or installed as modules (and these only work with a particular kernel version, and its unlikely that BT and the other distros you mentioned are using the exact same kernel version, especially if you keep them up to date). Try the Broadcom STA drivers or the b43 drivers - its likely one of those will work to some extent.
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    Default Re: Wireless NIC drivers from BT4 in other distros

    Thank you for the answer, although not what I really wanted to hear

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