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Thread: BT4 Final Hawking HWUG1 Troubleshoot/Help

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    Default BT4 Final Hawking HWUG1 Troubleshoot/Help

    [COLOR=white]I cannot get BT4 to recognize my Hawking HWUG1 Wireless USB Adaptor. I've checked many forums that have included commands for dhclient, ifconfig, iwconfig, modprobe, and none of these have worked for me. I'm not too sure if its suppose to be setup as wlan0 or rausb0. Can someone help me troubleshoot this problem so I can get ifconfig to recognize my adaptor. I've exhausted all resources on google and have signed up looking for some help. Any help will do. Thanks in advance.
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    Default Re: BT4 Final Hawking HWUG1 Troubleshoot/Help

    Please provide the output of the commands you have tried, results of the things you attempted that did not work and links to relevant references you have consulted.
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