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Thread: MITM attack on Mac OS X victim?

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    Default MITM attack on Mac OS X victim?

    [COLOR=white]Hey, I have had success with Windows clients, but my Macbook (with current OS and updates) will not complete a connection to a webpage. I am using BT4 final and Ettercap to do an Arp Poisoning MITM attack. Am I missing something? Is there something I can do to the Macbook to allow this, or some other attack or utility I should be using?
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    Default Re: MITM attack on Mac OS X victim?

    Want to provide some more details on how you are performing the MITM attack with Ettercap?
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    Default Re: MITM attack on Mac OS X victim?

    It should not matter what client is used. More than likely the gateway was improperly specified and this entry may still be in the ARP cache.

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