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Thread: Uninstalling BT?

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    Question Uninstalling BT?

    Hey all... So I'm kind of a newbie with linux... I installed backtrack4 from a cd with repartitioning of my already-existing windows partition (without format).
    How can I properly remove BT4 from my pc?
    I don't know if this matters but I also have ubuntu installed.
    Basically, when I boot I get the bt4 grub loader for selecting bt4/windows.
    If i click windows, i get a loader from ubuntu, for choosing ubuntu/windows.

    Just gave some info in case it's needed.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Uninstalling BT?

    Delete the partition that BT is installed on, modify your bootloader to remove the option to boot to BT. Pretty straightforward really.
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