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Thread: Gerix wi-fi cracker question

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    Default Gerix wi-fi cracker question

    say I'm trying to crack my house wifi wep key ( i know the key i just want to test it ) and i do it from my room with my laptop and im not connected to the internet. Next room is my brother who is using the home desktop computer with like norton or kaspersky internet security installed in it. when i am running gerix wi fi craker, will kapserskey or norton alert my brother that someone is intruding on the network or anything like that? will the security then maybe track me back to my laptop?

    what if i run the cracker while the main desktop computer is turned off? im just wonder in about these and any help would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Gerix wi-fi cracker question

    While I could just answer this question I think you can find out yourself by...

    Trying it and seeing what happens.

    Tell your brother when you are running the test and ask him to let you know if it raises an alert. Unless theres some reason you dont want to do this?
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    Default Re: Gerix wi-fi cracker question

    Quote Originally Posted by samxel View Post
    will the security then maybe track me back to my laptop?
    Are you trying to avoid an unpleasant noogie from your brother?
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