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Thread: Install firefox 3.6.9 on BT4

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    Default Re: Install firefox 3.6.9 on BT4

    you need to unzip the file first
    root@bt:~# tar -jxvf firefox-3.6.13.tar.bz2

    then cd in to the directory and dpkg -i the .deb file
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    Default Re: Install firefox 3.6.9 on BT4

    Umm, ... wow ... spaces between commands and arguments help. Not sure why you have two f's in the tar command. Did you take the advice the command offered? 'tar --help' or 'tar --usage'. Cool stuff full of all sorts of useful info. 'man tar' works as well.


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    Default Re: Install firefox 3.6.9 on BT4

    I did a video on how you can add it to your repositories of backtrack and it will update in apt-get update and it should install in apt-get upgrade. Well you would have to install firefox the new one but once you do it should always update to the newer one 3.6.13 and newer... Just look for my video on my channel on youtube. Or just search for curemymind in youtube search engine. This sounds like a lot of work for something soo simple. I have a lot of backtrack beginner tutorials there to.
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    Talking Re: Install 3.6.9 on BT4

    Step 1 : Go to /etc/apt/sources.list and edit it using kate to enter a new line ...
    deb all main

    or in Terminal Directly copy-paste this...
    echo -e "\ndeb all main" | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list > /dev/null

    Step 2:
    sudo apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver C1289A29

    Step 3:
    sudo apt-get update

    Step 4:
    sudo apt-get install firefox-mozilla-build

    This will upgrade your firefox to it's latest stable version.
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    Default Re: Install firefox 3.6.9 on BT4

    Quote Originally Posted by Qu4R0w View Post
    I've done installed firefox(latest ver 3.6.9) on my BT4. After i update firefox, i also update

    This is what i did:

    1- Simply go to Firefox homepage(here) to download the package from origin provider.

    - The package is with extension “.tar.bz2″

    2- Make sure the package is located on your home folder

    3- Open Terminal/Konsole and run “su”command then type your password if asking to use wide installation

    4- Move firefox package to /usr/local/bin using this command:

    #mv firefox-3.6.9.tar.bz2 /usr/local/bin

    5- Navigate to it location and extract the package into that location

    # cd /usr/local/bin

    # tar jxvf firefox-3.6.9.tar.bz2

    6- Installation DONE but need configure the menu. Press ALT+F2 and type “kmenuedit”. This will bring you GUI menu that we can edit.

    7- Navigate to Internet > Web Browser (Firefox Web Browser)

    8- At “Command” form/box, change with this new location=/usr/local/bin/firefox/firefox

    9- Close all Firefox(if running) and try start from the menu.

    I not really sure what this will cause. But for now, i found no problem..Please leave comment and let me know about what i did or you have other easy way to update firefox on BT4
    Thx work like charm

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