I've done installed firefox(latest ver 3.6.9) on my BT4. After i update firefox, i also update libflashplayer.so(plugins).

This is what i did:

1- Simply go to Firefox homepage(here) to download the package from origin provider.

- The package is with extension “.tar.bz2″

2- Make sure the package is located on your home folder

3- Open Terminal/Konsole and run “su”command then type your password if asking to use wide installation

4- Move firefox package to /usr/local/bin using this command:

#mv firefox-3.6.9.tar.bz2 /usr/local/bin

5- Navigate to it location and extract the package into that location

# cd /usr/local/bin

# tar jxvf firefox-3.6.9.tar.bz2

6- Installation DONE but need configure the menu. Press ALT+F2 and type “kmenuedit”. This will bring you GUI menu that we can edit.

7- Navigate to Internet > Web Browser (Firefox Web Browser)

8- At “Command” form/box, change with this new location=/usr/local/bin/firefox/firefox

9- Close all Firefox(if running) and try start from the menu.

I not really sure what this will cause. But for now, i found no problem..Please leave comment and let me know about what i did or you have other easy way to update firefox on BT4