hello, i have a quastion about if anyone ever should be using mitm on me.. and if im "safe" from this ever happening..
**i have not heard this as a method of cracking wpa so iguess im safe, althou i would like to know how come i am safe fro mthis happening?

could anyone get internet access from my AP by using mitm?
(note that i say; get internet access, not get my key)

how i think in theory step by step is

1, mitm deauth me, making me connect to his fake ap
2, i send request to this fakeap that i want to log in -with ofc my passkey(generating the right accepted packet)
3, mitm sends this info to my ap, mitm gets the response from my ap(instead of me)
4, sends info to me

5, i have "logged" into fakeap using my geniune handshake info , only the mitm has spoofed him as me using my info i send to fake ap wich i think is my real one

while this fake ap still runs - allowing me to be connected to internet thrue his connection to my ap

im a propper good newb but i dont see why this should not work?

and i dont really know anything about the wpa handshake yet, but if there should be something in the encrypted part in the handshake that will be diffrent?

cant this part be "copied" from just letting me reconnect to my AP and copying that ?