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Thanks for the thanks & feedback. Good to hear its works, even better with both modes (=
It currently only saves the handshake IF the pass-phrase ISN'T in the word-list.
Is there a reason why you're wanting to keep it afterwords?
The cap file can be found here: /tmp/wiffy-01.cap

*.cap = capture file in *any* format
*.pcap = capture file in libpcap format

airodump-ng outputs "pcap, ivs, csv, gps, kismet, netxml". "mv wiffy.cap wiffy.pcap" SHOULDN'T corrupt

Im not 100% sure what you mean but wiffy has always been designed to put as much 'temp' file as it can into /tmp/wiffy*.whyitwasmade, and the only reason why the cap files are "saved" is when the pass-phrase isn't in the word-list, it is then moved into the same folder as wiffy.

So im a little bit confused with what you're saying (about it breaking?), as I don't remember doing what you say does (please correct me if I'm wrong as I would like to fix something if I've broken it!)
Well yes, If I can remember well actually I don't know what version it was, (had to be between v14-16) I was able to to edit the DIR to where the .cap file would save after "trying" to crack a password. After updating to the latest version it would not save to the DIR I wanted it to anymore, instead it would save to wherever wiffy is located at. I do remember before doing this it would save in the /tmp/ folder now it doesn't even do that.

Not too much of a biggy in my preference, but I save all my .cap files in one folder.

Thanks for the missing info about the .pcap file that I wasn't aware of.