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Thread: HP D7-3080ca Hardware issues

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    Default HP D7-3080ca Hardware issues

    Issue : Only supports generic monitor, and no drivers showing available for VGA
    Description: ive tried updating everything and i just cant seem to find linux compatable drivers for either the monitor /VGA accellorator

    Hardware List
    Model HP Pavillion Dv7-3080ca
    Pricessor: Intel Core i7 CPU Q720@1.60GHz
    Memory: 6144MB DDR3 System Memory

    Graphics" NVIDIA GeForce GT230M

    i wont bother listing network interfaces and other devices however if you are interested the Intel WiFi Link 5100AGN internal (comes standard) does support monitor mode

    full specifications can be found here
    HP Dv7-3080ca site specifications

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    Default Re: HP D7-3080ca Hardware issues

    these issues have been resovlved - the apt-get nvidida-drivers while this does install the correct drivers - a new xconf needs to be generated and the tool listed on this site (cant remember what it is ) does not work. if you donwload the drivers direct NVidia has its own installer that will build your Xconf for you.

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