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Thread: Fasttrack SQL Injector

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    Default Fasttrack SQL Injector

    Me and a friend of mine set up a small website for the purpose of learning SQL Injection and RFI and LFI (But so far we're at SQL Injection)
    I decided to try the Fasttrack Query String Parameter Attack. I filled in the URL with the
    'INJECTHERE and Fasttrack starts working. All 4/4 parts of the payload is transferred to our site and Fasttrack says I should have shell if everything went OK but I don't get one. First I thought there was an issue with port forwarding (I run BT4 in VMWare Workstation incase you wonder) So I plugged myself directly into the modem but I'm still not getting a shell. Has anyone else experienced this or does anyone have an educated guess about why I'm not getting a shell?
    Thanks in advance

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    Default AW: Fasttrack SQL Injector

    First thing to know is: is it your own server or a public (maybe free-webspace?)

    On a Free-Hoster you're may be NOT be able to get a shell ...

    And if the server is yours, access the server by ssh and check if a (remote)shell is started.

    If it's not started => SQLI doesn't work
    otherwise you have a problem with your network

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    Default Re: Fasttrack SQL Injector

    i have the same problem when i run sql injector on my public site which is already vulnerable to sql injection the payload has been sent but no shell appear
    can anyone help me

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