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Thread: Bruteforcing WEP with dictionary of keys in hex

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    Default Bruteforcing WEP with dictionary of keys in hex

    The target AP uses WEP-40. When represented in hexadecimal notation, the key is a telephone number. The first three digits are the area code of the AP's location. Given this information, I feel that a brute-force attack is reasonable. After playing around with the tools for awhile, I have a few questions.

    1. About how many IVs are needed for testing if a given key is correct?

    2. How would I tweak aircrack for the job?

    3. In aircrack-ng, can -w be used to supply hex keys? From what I have tried, the -w argument alone isn't enough for aircrack to treat them as hex keys.

    Thank you for the time!

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    Default Re: Bruteforcing WEP with dictionary of keys in hex

    There are about a bazillion topics on this. Go read the aircrack-ng documentation.
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